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The education objective of the graduate institute is to provide the students with the ability of information technology and proficient management skills. The research areas include Information Technology and Applications, Enterprise Systems and Management (EMS), and Quantitative Computing and Information Security. We especially seed to train students in how to bring information technology and management skills into an organization's management information system. We hope that students with this type of training will be able to use information technology to upgrade our nation's industries.

Education Goal

Our teaching and research goals include: (1) Information Technology and Applications – focus on probing into the technology of information, studying the concept of intelligent system, and integrating the theory of software engineering into reality. (2) Enterprise Systems and Management -- focus on researching into the performance and value of enterprise processing with information assistant system, for example, enterprise information configuration, custom relation management, and electronic commerce. (3) Quantitative Computing and Information Security -- focus on probing into the theory of information security, including cryptography, statistics, discrete mathematics, and computer theory courses.

Development direction


For development, we are looking for more excellent faculties who have professional specialties to joint into our graduate institute. On the other hand, in order to promote the whole research level, we will try to hold research conferences, exhibitions, research projects, contests, etc.


Graduated Prospect



Due to located in the Neihu and Nangan science parks, our students will have more opportunities to join the corporations of information technology and management. Moreover, the government forecasted that the requirements for information related jobs for graduated students are ardently needed in the future. As a result, our graduated students could be expected to have good opportunities to joint the information technology and management market.